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Shylock and History
By Jami Rogers
Towering over Shakespeare's romantic comedy The Merchant of Venice is the tragic figure of Shylock. Before we can begin to understand Shylock, though, we must understand the historical and dramatic influences under which Shakespeare wrote. Although Shakespeare wrote possibly the most famous Jew in English literature, there were virtually no Jews in England during his lifetime. It isn't known whether Shakespeare would have come into contact with anyone who was Jewish. It would also be impossible
New York: One-night-only staged reading of The Merchant of Venice in Yiddish
Jacob P. Adler’s infamous Yiddish translation of Shakespeare’s drama, that premiered on Broadway nearly 110 years ago, will be presented in a staged reading at the Center for Jewish History
Classical Theatre Debuts with Shylock The Jew of Venice
Houston, TX – The Classical Theatre Company (CTC) opens its inaugural 2008-2009 Season with Shylock, The Jew of Venice, an original adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Adapted and directed by CTC Artistic Director John Johnston, Shylock makes its regional debut at the Midtown Arts Center and runs September 26 – October 5.
"The Merchant of Venice" at Georgia Shakespeare
Decide for yourself...who’s right, who’s wrong? This Shakespearean courtroom drama puts religion, money, justice, and mercy on trial, but the story is ultimately one of love – and what you are willing to sacrifice in its pursuit.
Was the Bard a Beard? A Scholar Argues That Shakespeare Was a Jewish Woman
By Rebecca Honig Friedman
Amateur Shakespearologist John Hudson is not the first to question whether the actor William Shakespeare was actually the author of the body of work we’ve come to know as his, but Hudson is the first to suggest that the true author was a Jewish woman named Amelia Bassano Lanier. Of Italian descent, Bassano lived in England as a Marrano and has heretofore been known only as the first woman to publish a book of poetry (“Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum” in 1611) and as a candidate for “the dark lady” refe
Shylock revisited - playwrights Julia Pascal and Arnold Wesker and actor Henry Goodman talk to Judi Herman
By Judi Herman
In 1996 I wrote a play documenting centuries of Jewish history in the small Czech town of Kolin. I was intrigued to find a 16th-century Jewish inhabitant called Jacob the Venetian! I imagined his life in the Venice Ghetto.
APT's tragicomedy 'Merchant of Venice' explores prejudice
By Kevin Lynch
The pain and bitterness of anti-Semitism lie beneath this story of playful young lovers triumphing over repressive elders. Shakespeare's provocative combination of dramatic elements commingle in ways that still expose the human foibles, or worse, hidden behind much laughter.
In an April speech, Thompson, the former Wisconsin governor and secretary of health and human services, told a group of Jewish activists that he is now finally "earning money" in the private sector.
Theater J presents Arnold Wesker's SHYLOCK with Theodore Bikel
Theater J presents Arnold Wesker's SHYLOCK, a landmark reimagining of the three stories which inspired Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. Featuring beloved international performer Theodore Bikel in the title role and Edward Gero as Antonio, this staged concert reading runs from May 13—May 15, 2007 at 7:30 pm at the Aaron & Cecile Goldman Theater at the Washington DCJCC. The show is presented in conjunction with the Shakespeare in Washington festival.
Shylock’s isolation as character mirrors Shakespeare’s isolation as author
By Kenneth Gross
If after the trial of Antonio I found myself walking with Shylock through some narrow street or calle in Venice (I say walking because I cannot imagine Shylock in a gondola), I would ask him the question that always hits me after reading or watching the trial scene: What could you have been thinking? Given what you know of Venetian society, polity, and law, and of the Venetians’ very particular malice toward you, what made you suppose that you would be allowed to take the life of a Christian mer
Shylock on Appeal
By David Basch
The trial of Shylock, the Jewish moneylender, one of the more
famous trials, of course, never happened. It comprised a portion
of Act IV of William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice,
written sometime around 1594. Shylock was alleged to have plotted against the life of a
Christian merchant and was ruled guilty. As punishment, his
wealth was confiscated and he was forced to convert. The irony is
that, had his trial been held today, Shylock would have been
found "not guilty."
A Triumvirate of Evil
By Edna Nahshon
If Roman Polanski's 2005 cinematic adaptation of "Oliver Twist" and Al
Pacino's performance as Shylock in the recent film "The Merchant of Venice"
have not satisfied your cravings for Jewish malefactors, you'll be delighted
to hear that Theater for a New Audience is about to present us with a
jam-packed program devoted to the upper echelon of drama's Jewish villains:
Shylock, Barabas and Fagin.
Oscar-winner Al Pacino speaks about Shylock
By Ivor Davis
I never had a desire to do ‘Merchant of Venice’ for a lot of reasons, but certainly I just couldn’t quite see the character. I saw some great performances done, but I myself had no relationship to it. But then I read Michael Radford’s text and I thought I understood somehow where Shylock was coming from. I thought that he made a case for Shylock and in doing that I was able to see the other elements of the character, those human elements. I started to understand his motivation and that was the p
A very Jewish villain
By Jonathan Freedland
It's about time we stopped making excuses for Shakespeare, says Jonathan Freedland. As a new film version of The Merchant of Venice proves, the play is indeed anti-semitic .The debate is so old it should have its own place in the Shakespearean canon. Is Shylock, the Jewish moneylender who demands a "pound of flesh" from a debtor, a villain or a victim? Every time The Merchant of Venice is staged, the debate is restaged along with it. Does Shakespeare's play merely depict anti-semitism, or does i
Pacino's Shylock at Toronto Film FestIval September 9 -September 18
By Pamela Chelin
Thursday, September 2, 2004 -- It's almost that time of year when Toronto becomes the talk of Tinseltown. Beginning on September 9 and running through September 18, the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival will show 328 films from 61 countries, including Israel. More than 400 actors and filmmakers are scheduled to attend, with guests such as Terry Gilliam, Norman Jewison, Wim Wenders, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Hilary Swank, and Sigourney Weaver. For 10 days in September, Toronto will be the

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