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Solo Performance Online Catalogue : Born in Baghdad Shosha Goren

 Name of Play Born in Baghdad

Actors Name Shosha Goren

Performance Language English

Duration 70 minutes

Playwright /Adaptor Shosha Goren

Director Yitzhak Gormezano Goren 

Music  traditional Jewish-Iraqi music 

Theatre Company / Producer Bimat Kedem

Synopsis With Sadam's fall, the new government of Iraq announces that “Israeli Jews born in Iraq can apply for passports to visit their Homeland.”
Renowned Israeli performer, Shosha Goren, born in Baghdad, decides to meet the challenge. Boarding the magic carpet of her memories, she plunges 50 years back into her childhood, landing one hot summer night on her Baghdad rooftop, where the tenants of the building are escaping sizzling homes. There she meets her aunts – strong women surviving in a man's world. Shosha weaves together a colorful and humorous tapestry of buzzing life, challenging tradition's repression but still nurturing from it's richness.

Short description  Shosha humorously weaves childhood in Baghdad with her adult identity today

First performance date June 2006 Austria 

Participation at Festivals & International tours: Storytelling festival, Austria

Professional background   SHOSHA GOREN was born in Baghdad, Iraq, in 1943, she immigrated to Israel in 1951.
During her stay in the U.S.A., at the age of 35, she left her position as teacher of Hebrew Literature and Language, and went to study Theatre-acting in Brooklyn College, New-York. In 1980, she left the U.S. back to Israel with her husband, the writer-director Yitzhak Gormezano Goren, and their three children.
Since, she founded "Bimat Kedem – theatre and publishing", along with her husband and playwright Raphael Aharon.

"Bimat Kedem in Hebrew "The Eastern Stage", took upon itself the mission to create a new original and alternative Israeli theatre that would bring forth relevant social issues, along with an orientation toward the Cultures of Eastern (Mizrahi) Jews in Israel , and of the Arab surrounding countries. She played main parts both with "Bimat Kedem" and other Theatres (The Kameri Theatre, The Haifa City Theatre,  Beit Lessin Theatre and The Beer-Sheba Theatre.) She also worked in films and television-plays.

Her One woman shows – "Nashim shel mamash" ("Those Real Women")  a gallery of mizrakhi women and their personal quest, written by leading Israeli writers. "Mi-dmut le-dmut" ("From Image To Image") and her stand-up-comedy show "Scandal for hire" – all conceived and written by the actress, based on her own experience as a woman in Israel. The shows, enormously successful, were played for more than 2000 times all over Israel and abroad (Great Britain, Austria, the U.S.). Leading parts in: "The New York Dream", "A Black Kitten with a White Spot", "Gradma & the Dancer" and today – "Born in Baghdad".
Also participated in plays in the Kameri Theatre, Be'er-Sheva theatre, Haifa Theatre and the Youth theatre.
On television: the leading role in the drama "Test Run" and the mother in the popular series "Bat-Yam–New York". Today – in the new Israeli soap opera "agadat deshe". Shosha directed Irit Gidron in the one-woman show "Back From There". 

Press reviews "An actress who gives of herself with love and compassion, she captures her audience not only by playing on their feelings of nostalgia, but by awakening them to some of the simpler riches of their own culture and tradition." [Naomi Doudai, Newsview ]

"Changing just her headgear and her expression, Goren gave the delighted audience a glimpse of characters, including a 101-year-old hag in Baghdad."
[Liat Collins, In jerusalem ]

Contact & Booking Information :

Contact name: Bat-Shakhar Gorfinkel
e-mail : alekedem@netvision.net.il  
Phone: 972-3-5224906 / 972-3-5224899
Fax: 972-3-5224906
Website: www.bimatkedem..co.il  

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  • Shosha Goren

    Born in Baghdad

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