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Association for Jewish Theatre (AJT)

Words of Wisdom : Let us not only count our days, but make our days count. [ Susan Lodish ]

The Association is dedicated to promoting the interests of its members in North America and Worldwide whose primary mission is the development and production of plays relevant to Jewish life and values. The functions of the Association include advocacy, coordination, cooperative programming, communication and the publication at regular intervals of a newsletter. It is implicit that the Association will keep membership informed of current trends in Jewish Theater, applicable legislation and other issues, which affect theaters. The Association will help disseminate new materials.

a) The Association will promote Jewish Theatre locally, nationally and internationally, thereby increasing visibility and viability of those theaters that are dedicated to a Jewish mission.

b) The Association will work to educate the Jewish community regarding the value of promoting and making use of Jewish theater as a tool for Jewish continuity, understanding, education and as a bridge to the community at large.

c) The Association will work to help develop pathways for member theatres to cooperatively develop new projects.

AJT also hosts an annual conference hosted in different cities by a member theatre each year. The conference gives members an opportunity to get together to network and share ideas. In addition, each theatre or individual member is entitled to a page on the Association website.

Association for Jewish Theatre 2009-2010 Board

President David Chack dchack@afjt.com  

Immediate Past President Mira Hirsch smirahirsch@gmail.com  

Vice President (Marketing) Rebecca Joy Fletcher rebecca.joy@earthlink.com  

Vice President (Outreach) Herb Isaacs wcjt@sbcglobal.net  

Vice President (Playwright Development) Lawrence Goodman goodman.lawrence@gmail.com  

Secretary — Diane Gilboa theatreor@mindspring.com  

Treasurer – Susan Lodish susanlod@juno.com  


Janet Arnold janet@azjewishtheatre.org  

Norman Fedder fedder@ksu.edu  

Hannah Hessel hanvnah@gmail.com  

Ralph Meranto rmeranto@jccrochester.org  

Deborah Baer Mozes dbm@netreach.net  

Sacha Reich sacha@jtcpdx.org  

Moti Sandak ncmisrael@bezeqint.net  

Evelyn Orbach singact@comcast.net  

Ex Offcio Non-Voting Ellen Schiff EFSCHIFF@aol.com  

Kayla Gordon k-gordon@shaw.ca  

Executive Director: Edward Einhorn theaterofideas@gmail.com  

Past Presidents

1979 - 1992 we were called the Council of Jewish Theatres ( there was no elected president.)
Reva Stern 1992-1993
Herb Katz 1994 - 1995
Evelyn Orbach 1995-1996
David Mladinov1996 - 1997
Elaine Rembrandt 1997-1998
Janet Arnold 1998-2000
Kayla Gordon - 2000 - 2003
Deborah Baer Mozes - 2003-2006
Mira Hirsch - 2006 - 2008

Membership Information

Kayla Gordon k-gordon@shaw.ca  
Web : www.afjt.com  

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