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All About Jewish Theatre

All About Jewish Theatre is the only global network dedicated to Jewish theatre and performing arts. Reaching 150,000 weekly visitors from more than 100 countries, this unique online resource presents a worldwide audience with the vital history and daily streaming of information on Jewish theatre and performing arts.

Our Vision

We believe in the need to recollect our past, understand the present and plan for the future.

Our Objectives

All About Jewish Theatre strives to make the history and present of Jewish culture accessible to all, at any time, from any place. We plan to achieve this by fulfilling the following objectives:

  • Promote, cultivate and digitally distribute the study of Jewish theatre and performing arts
  • Provide an interactive global network for audiences, researchers and theatre artists worldwide
  • Encourage and foster the creation of contemporary and original Jewish theatre

How it all started...

In December 2001, thirty Jewish theatre directors and academics from around the world met in Tel Aviv at a conference titled “Towards a Vibrant and Coherent Theatre of the Jewish People,” hosted by the Jewish Agency’s People to People Center. They concluded with the decision to establish a Jewish theatre network on the web.

Pursuant to the conference, the Jewish Agency asked Moti Sandak to plan and design this Jewish theatre website, to be based on his own initiative and ten years of research in Jewish theatre, rare collection of plays and professional articles, connections with leading libraries and databases around the world, and three years of accumulated research in Internet information technology together with European R&D institutions.

Since its launch in 2003, All About Jewish Theatre has become the leading source of information on Jewish theatre and performing arts, working in collaboration with leading artists and researchers, as well as cultural, preservation and academic institutions worldwide. It puts all the information on Jewish theatre at your fingertips, on one single website. It puts all the information on Jewish theatre at your fingertips, on one single website.

In 2008, All About Jewish Theatre was featured in Facing Tomorrow, President Shimon Peres' first international conference, which took place in Jerusalem. The Virtual Museum of Jewish Theatre and Performing Arts, the second phase of All About Jewish Theatre, was selected to take part in the conference exhibition, displaying the 60 most exciting upcoming projects to be launched in Israel.

Products and Services

All About Jewish Theatre offers a particularly unique array of products and services for audiences, theatre professionals, students, researchers, and other related institutions. These include:

All About Jewish Theatre thus provides extensive online exposure and coverage of performances, projects, plays, articles, and facilities of all kinds related to Jewish theatre and performing arts, expertly linked and easily accessible.

By logging into All About Jewish Theatre, you will:

  • Keep informed on industry news and events
  • Save research time
  • Easily promote your projects

We invite you to join us free of charge in order to enjoy these wonderful benefits and services. Register in our directory and submit your own information, news and announcements today!

Target Audience

  • Theatre Directors
  • Playwrights
  • Actors
  • Composers
  • Stage Designers and Architects
  • Events and Festivals Producers
  • Professionals from Museums, Libraries & Archives
  • Historians and Researchers
  • Cultural heritage Experts
  • Jewish communities Worldwide
  • Suppliers
  • The Media

International Awards

  • Best Website of the Jewish World (Jewish Agency, 2003)
  • Artifact – Best of the Web for Arts and Creative Industries (University of the Arts London, 2004)
  • Intute – Best Web resources for education and research network of UK universities (University of Oxford, 2004)
  • World's Best Jewish Theatre, Art and Culture Website (World Jewish News Agency, 2006)

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